UK Observatory for the Promotion of Non-Violence - Working with Children and Young People

The UK Observatory - Emotions, Relationships, Community (UKO) - was founded in 2003 by Helen Cowie, Dawn Jennifer, Zoë Image, Julie Shaughnessy and George Varnava.

Violence in Sichools Training Action
Violence in Schools Training Action (VISTA)

UKO continues to address the issue of bullying and violence in schools and the workplace, most recently with regard to cyberbullying.

UKO is also active in promoting evidence-based practice on the development of social and emotional competence in adults, children and young people.

The UKO team draws on experience and evidence gained, both nationally and internationally, to provide research, consultancy and training for teachers and healthcare professionals, including VISTA and virtual training courses in Second Life.


Updated: 30-Mar-2011

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